Our Story

With just one month left until the launch of our timepieces, we thought we'd wind back the clock and explain how our concept originated. 

"The story behind Hartley Watches begins in Sydney, January 2014, when Jeremy Hartley the founder of Hartley Watches envisioned a product that would both captivate and inspire the customer.  Influenced by the classical watches of the early 1930’s, Hartley began designing a watch that would incorporate these classical elements.

Gradually through time, a unique watch emerged. It was thin, refined and minimalistic. It was clean, elegant and professional. Our influence has been and will continue to be focused upon creating modern timepieces which stay true to our classical foundation. Almost 18 months later, we finally have our products ready to release online, and not just in store.

Slowly but surely our watches became available in four winsome colours that could be worn by either gender. Our vision was not only to remain loyal to our original influence in designing a classical watch, but also to ensure our contemporary range would be available at an affordable cost.

Hartley Watches are watches for every occasion, whether you’re wearing it to work, attending an important event, playing a game of golf or simply enjoying a day on the beach – a Hartley Watch is always a beautiful companion."